The Orlando Killing and it’s connection with Muslims

We are no longer surprised when we read the views of the general public who is fed with so much nonsense that they fail to use their brain to realize what the truth is and what is just bogus media frenzy.

Any innocent life no matter what their orientation is, according to Islam is valuable. What their current lifestyle is about has absolutely no impact on how their life in the future might be or how their end will be. The Orlando boy, Omar Mateen, has been connected to Islam the moment his picture started appearing on the TV channels, but the real story appeared a few hours later.

Not only was he gay himself, but he visited the bar often and was not a practicing Muslim. If he had so much hate for the gay community then all the points that connected him to other silly groups like ISIS or other bombers totally are out of line and can’t be used to further the agenda of the “Trump-like” mindset.

Let’s keep facts in front of us and not mix things as we please. By connecting this incident with Islam we are looking away from the real problem, and that’s the fact that people like Omar and Breivik from Norway, do exist. Where Breivik used Christianity as his inspiration before killing people, Omar used a religion he didn’t even practice day in day out.

If we are to find a solution to such issues together instead of jumping in the blame-game every time such incident happens, we will have to connect the dots like grown ups and not just go with the flow when some nutcase calls 911 and says “I killed a few people and I support ISIS or any other sicko organization” – If that’s the way cases are dealt in the US, then there is no hope.

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